What is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant?

Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant (FCPA, FCGA) are professional accountants who have acquired their accounting education through, and are members of, the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada.

Many CGA’s own their own accounting firms and provide tax and financial advice to individuals and to businesses of all sizes. Other CGA’s are employed in senior positions in industry, commerce, academics and government.

As trusted accounting professionals, CGA’s offer the highest standards of expertise in taxation, finance, information technology and strategic business management.


All businesses require a business plan that describes the business, lists objectives, analyzes the market, details the marketing strategy and financial plan, and that provides any other relevant information. Most financial institutions require new businesses to develop a business plan as a condition of financing. We can assist you in developing a formal business plan.


Most small businesses find it difficult to hire accounting staff. Outsourcing your accounting department is an ideal method of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. You will receive timely financial information that will assist you in making ideal business decisions.


Our payroll service includes the complete administration of your payroll including calculating payroll, calculating and filing payroll tax remittances, and preparing WSIB, ROEs, EHT and T4 reports.


Throughout the different stages of your life, you are faced with numerous financial decisions that may have an immediate or deferred effect on your income tax situation, retirement plan, education savings plan, or your estate. Many factors need to be considered in order to make the best choice.